Ace Swimming Club Awards

An important part of the club’s philosophy is to recognize effort and achievement in our swimmers. Swimmers are recognized in a variety of ways throughout the season and specifically at our Ace Swimming Club Awards

In order to recognise a wide range of members we have split our awards into Junior (12yrs & younger) & Age Group (13yrs & older). There will be certificates for all selected swimmers but a trophy for the overall winner.

We anticipate that there may be changes to awards from time to time and we will endeavour to do this before the 1st january each year.

Our awards are split into 3 distinct sections that spell out “CAP”. The values are parmount in the success of our programme.

  1. Commitment & Contribution
  2. Attitude & Ability
  3. Potential & Performance


Commitment & Contribution: Commitment Award

This award is given to the swimmer who displays dedication to swimming. Dedication is defined as hard work, listening skills, team support, attendance and other intangible qualities.

2017/2018 Overall: Kayla Ansley (Overall), Runners Up: Carlos Hardie, Lily Marlow, Kieran Aitken


Commitment & Contribution: Adversity Award

This award is given to the swimmer who faces adverse or unfavourable fortune, calamity, or distress. They will show their true colours in times of adversity exhibiting qualities that the club admires.

2017/2018: Caleb Parsons (Overall)


Commitment & Contribution: Coach’s Choice Award

This award is given by the coach of each group to the swimmer in their group who demonstrates the most improvement from the beginning of the swim year. This award encompasses not only time improvement, but also training habits, attendance, attitude, willingness to learn and more.

2017/2018 Overall: Emma Parsons (Overall), Runners Up: Taniko Shane, Chloe Peters, Isaac Jefferies


Commitment & Contribution: Leadership Award

Awarded to the swimmer who shows not only dedication to the club but also leadership skills and the ability to motivate others through their own performance and by helping to enhance others.

2017/2018 Overall: Danyon Hardie (Overall), Runners Up: Maddie Chapman, Sophie Hay, Ollie Mouat


Attitude & Ability: Sportsmanship Award

This award is given to a senior swimmer showing good sportsmanship, leadership and dedication to the club. This swimmer sets an example and high standard of achievement for the entire club. The swimmer will be dedicated to swimming improvement by working hard, attending practice and performing at their peak throughout the meet schedule. Although the focus is on competitive achievement it is recognized that this would not have occurred without great practice attendance, positive attitude and the support of teammates.

2017/2018 Overall: Ryan Roche (Overall), Runners Up: Gabby Austin, Connie Thorburn, Sean Young


Potential & Performance: Potential Award

This award is given to the swimmer who is beginning to understand both the practice and competition sides of the sport. This swimmer has demonstrated a maturity beyond their years both in their commitment to practice and the management of their own races.

2017/2018 Overall: Sam Loten (Overall), Runners Up: Jodie Ranui, Hayley McIntyre, Orlando Hardie


Potential & Performance: Most Improved Swimmer

This award recognizes the swimmer with the highest percentage of overall improvement in all strokes/events that the swimmer has raced during the year. For most swimmers, their best time entering the season is compared against their current season best time. For swimmers new to competitive swimming where there are no prior year results, the first current season meet serves as the benchmark for comparison. Events that have not shown improvement will not be included in the calculations. The sum of all percentage of improvements is then divided by the number of events to calculate each swimmer’s average improvement percentage.  Swimmer with top improvement percentage in each group wins the award.

2017/2018 Overall: Emma Parsons (Overall), Runners Up: Carlos Hardie, Imogen Barnes, Ollie Mouat


Potential & Performance: Top Competitor Award

This award recognizes swimmers who swim fast in one event. Every official competitive swim time has a corresponding FINA point value.  The faster the time for the swim, the higher the corresponding point value. The highest FINA point value for any individual swim completed in the season, both short and long course, is considered.  This award identifies the swimmer who excels at swimming the fastest in any event in either swim season within the year for each group.

2017/2018 Overall: Danyon Hardie (Overall), Runners Up: Maddie Chapman, Jodie Ranui, Taniko Shane


Potential & Performance: Swim Excellence Awards (200m IM + 200 FR, 400IM + 400FR)

These awards are now given to swimmers aged 12yrs & younger who achieve an extraordinary improvement percentage in their 200FR and 200IM times within the season. Top quartile of each group in both long and short course season will be recognized and awarded. The age will be calculated as of 31st December in the year the awards are held.

2017/2018 Overall: Danyon Hardie (Overall), Runners Up: Maddie Chapman, Jodie Ranui, Taniko Shane