Success at Legend of the Lake

The Ace Swimming Club team members racing at Legend of the Lake held in Rotorua 16th-17th March 2019

Ace Swimming Club were well represented at the recent Legend of the Lake open water swim held 16th-17th March at the Blue Lake in Rotorua.

The swim was part of the Ocean Swim Series, a number of events scheduled throuhgout New Zealand. There were a range of events at the ‘adventure capital’ of NZ from 100m all the way to 2500m.

Caleb Parsons and Hayley McIntyre receive medals at Legend of the Lake.

The Hamilton swimming club had 7 swimmers take part included Haydn Leeming, Sophie Hay, Caleb Parsons, Hayley McIntyre, Tasmyn Leeming, Gemma Hay and Ryan Leeming.

The swimmers acheived 5 age group medals including 3 Gold, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze. They achieved some outstanding results during the weekend.  These included:

– Sophie Hay – 4th in her age group in the 2.5km event and 1st in her age group for the 300m swim (11 to 12 girls)
– Haydn Leeming – 8th in his age group for the 2.5km swim.
– Caleb Parsons – 1st in his age group for the 1km swim.
– Hayley McIntyre – 1st in her age group for the 1km swim and 2nd female overall.  2nd in the 200m swim (9-10 year girls).
– Gemma Hay – 6th in the 200m swim.
– Tasmyn Leeming – 4th in the 300m swim (her first event in nearly 2 years so this is an outstanding achievement).
– Ryan Leeming – 3rd in his age group for the Amphibian event (swim, run, swim).

It was great to see so many races with Ace coming out either on top or near the top.  A big thanks to Ace Head Coach, Paul Dowey, for all the work he is doing with the swimmers.  The results are certainly starting to show!